Pro Staff

Shark Fishing Pro-Staff

Michael Marquez

Owner & Operator

Michael has been fishing the coast his whole life.  He operates Out Cast Fishing Charter Company out of Galveston, Texas and credits his dad for getting him into the sport.  “There’s nothing like fighting that Monsta fish and getting to experience God’s wonderful creation everyday! 

Adam Smith

Pro-Staff Member

Adam is a well known shark fishing legend around the Texas Gulf. He specializes in fishing rough waters that many others would turn away from. His Favorite quote is If it’s choppin, its poppin!” We are thrilled to have you as a part of our team!  

Lance Eggenberg

Pro-Staff Member

Lance has been land-based shark fishing for years and is well known for his love of old school Penn fishing reels. His life motto is  “learn to live and love life to its fullest, love God, cherish family, and enjoy every moment you get on the water.” Thanks for being a part of our Pro-Staff! 

Abraham Villarruel

Pro-Staff Member

Abraham has been around land based shark fishing since he was a baby. His father started his passion of fishing. He has traveled to as many places as he could in search for the largest variety possible.His favorite quote is by rocky “You, me or nobody, is gonna hit as hard as life. But ain’t about how hard you hit… It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.”

Inshore Team

Max Conner

Pro-Staff Member

Max has been fishing for as long as he could walk and is well known for his wade-fishing skills throughout the Galveston Bay Complex. His favorite quote is “only dead with go with the flow”. We are proud to have this 15 year old fishing prodigy on our team.

Vanarro Sok

Pro-Staff Member

Van has been fishing for most all of his life. He specializes in night trout fishing and loves reeling in them MONSTA fish! His favorite quote is to “Let God, and Let’s fish!” He stresses how much of a true blessing it is to be out on the water everyday. 

Patrick Wade

Pro-Staff Member

Patrick has been fishing the middle coast since he was ten. His specialties are Flounder, trout, and redfish. He’s placed in numerous top 3 finishes including winning the 2011 Galveston Redfish Series Championship and the final four bracket that year with a weight of 17.97 lb’s.

Patrick Everrett Jolivet

Pro-Staff Member

Everett “TC” took up wade fishing as a hobby in 2015. He did not have much experience; however, the few tips his father taught him before passing helped him get started. Everett has dedicated countless hours to the sport of fishing to help him become the angler he is today. His targeted territory is wade fishing the surf and he has recently acquired a passion for kayak fishing the Galveston Bay Complex as well. He ends every day on the water with his famous quote “NUFF SAID.”

Calvin Haynes

Pro-Staff Member

Calvin started fishing at a very young age with his dad. Being a military brat and a disabled U.S. Army veteran, he has had the chance to fish all over North American for countless species of fish. Calvin will fish for any type of fish at any time. Now living in La Marque, Texas he hunts Monsta fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jake Rangnow

Pro-Staff Member

Capt. Jake has been tearing up the trout, redfish, and flounder in the Galveston Bay Complex for years. He is well known for his Monsta Trout and several 1st place tournament wins. He’s an awesome guide and owns Tails & Tusk Outfitters. 

Katie DeLaup

Pro-Staff Member

Katie Is a senior at Texas A&M in Galveston studying marine biology. She has grown up fishing Galveston Bay for trout, redfish and flounder. She is well known in the fishing industry through her family business, CastAway Rods. She has placed in many inshore tournaments all over the Texas coast, several being lady angler tournaments.

Willard Franklin iii

Pro-Staff Member

The FOUR W’S FISHING TEAM CAPTAIN. Willard Franklin Iii. started fishing when he was 3 years old . 51 years ago. Fishing around Galveston Freeport and local lakes around Houston. He recollects the great memories of getting up early to go fishing with his dad. He started boat fishing in 1995 with his first Four W’s Fishing team boat on a 24 footer with 200 hp. Now he fishes out of a custom Mako 234 with twin 150 hp Mercuries. The FOUR W’S FISHING TEAM BOAT. His specialty is fishing the Galveston bay complex ,Jetties and offshore. He will soon be hosting an episode on the WORLD OF SALTWATER fishing in September MONSTA Bull Redfish in Galveston Bay and Jetties. You can fallow the FOUR W’S FISHING TEAM on Facebook Instagram and YouTube.